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Firm Overview

Investment Firm Winslow Capital was founded in 1992 on the same driving principle that continues to guide us today: to deliver consistent outperformance for our clients over the long term, while carefully managing risk. We focus on finding the best equity opportunities in the marketplace using repeatable, time-tested processes that are firmly rooted in the fundamental research of individual companies by our experienced professionals. Our Firm manages approximately $22 billion (as of 6/30/18) in equity Strategies including sub-advised mutual funds, separately managed accounts and a private equity vehicle for a wide variety of clients. Our flagship offering is a U.S. Large Cap Growth equity Strategy, which we have managed since the Firm’s inception.

While our Firm was previously focused solely on U.S. Large Cap Growth, we more recently introduced a broader array of equity solutions for current and prospective clients, leveraging our existing culture and intellectual capital. This shift is being driven by the evolving needs of our clients amidst the changing investment landscape. Recently, we expanded our platform to include a private equity vehicle. We also diversified the Firm’s Strategies globally with the addition of an International Small Cap Strategy. As our company evolves as a multi-strategy boutique, we continue to build on the three pillars of success from our core U.S. Large Cap Growth business: a disciplined process, cohesive culture and client-centered focus. Winslow Capital is an independent investment affiliate of Nuveen.

Our experienced investment professionals use time-tested processes firmly rooted in fundamental research.

As client needs evolve and the investment landscape shifts, we keep a steady eye toward the future. We strive to build on our core successes: a disciplined process, cohesive culture and client-centered focus to help clients achieve their financial milestones.

Maintain our client-centric culture. Remain a flat and nimble organization.

First and foremost, our goal is to achieve successful client outcomes.

Rigorous Research + Disciplined Process = Client Success

The foundation of Winslow Capital’s investment acumen is primary research and investigation. Our deeply experienced team with continuity of membership is positioned so that the researcher closest to the source of fundamental information makes investment decisions. This leads to genuine insight.

Seasoned investment professionals with an average of 22 years industry experience

With the vision, discipline and judgment needed to create value over the long term, our cohesive culture fosters and encourages the dedication and rigor necessary to succeed.

Philosophy and process proven over many years

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Centered on our clients with an ethos of excellence.

Corporate Culture

Winslow Capital operates within a culture of empowerment and responsibility. We hire superb individuals and empower them to excel at their job. The organizational structure reflects a culture of collaboration, rather than one of hierarchy. This sets us apart from the competition and is a key factor in providing successful outcomes for our clients. Compared to the broader investment industry, we are proud that our company offers almost unparalleled organizational and investment team stability. We maintain a client-centric culture with an ethos of excellence.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Winslow Capital is committed to advancing our philanthropic endeavors. In 2016, we established a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team of cross-functional leaders dedicated to identifying opportunities to engage with charitable organizations locally, nationally and globally. Commitment is at the forefront of Winslow’s CSR program: commitment to its clients, employees and community. Our CSR effort is led by the following Mission Statement:

“Guided by our values and a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Winslow Capital acts with integrity to positively impact our communities through employee engagement and giving back.”

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