At Winslow Capital, each of our strategies is a unique expression of our work in long-term growth investing.

Sound Strategies Seeking Continual Results

All investment strategies managed by Winslow Capital share a focus on growth equities, deep fundamental research and rigorous risk mitigation.

Our team understands how growth companies work and thrive in any economic environment. We provide equity solutions across three primary platforms: U.S. Large Cap Growth, U.S. Large Cap Growth ESG and Growth Capital. Through sustained experience and constant self-reflection, Winslow Capital has honed the independent judgment and investment science that active managers need for successful growth equity investing.

Experienced Investment Team

Each of our Investment Teams are comprised of specialists with a collective average of 25 years of investment experience.

Meet Our Team

Growth stocks or growth investing may fall out of favor and underperform value stocks and other investing styles over any period of time. Certain sectors or growth stocks may shift characteristics over a long market cycle and may not perform in line with stated benchmarks.