Business Continuity Plan Summary

Winslow Capital Management, LLC (“Winslow Capital” or the “Firm”) has a formal Business Continuity/Disaster and Data recovery plan (the “Plan”) in place. The Firm understands that every crisis could result in one or more of the following: 1) loss of access to information; 2) loss of information; 3) loss of access to facilities; and 4) loss of people. The purpose of the Plan is to minimize the impact of a system failure or business continuity incident to Winslow Capital, its clients, employees, and suppliers.

Winslow Capital monitors and tests its Plan and makes changes or improvements to the Plan as the business and business systems evolve and/or when issues are identified, annually at minimum. Additionally, all personnel receive training on the Firm’s Plan at least annually. The Plan identifies responsible parties, critical functions, and recovery time objectives for both short- and long-term scenarios and contemplates disruptive events such as climate change and operational resiliency. Other aspects of the Plan include: a) communication plans, b) alternative work locations, c) data availability (including backup and recovery), and d) additional redundance related to certain critical applications.

Updated: January 2024