At Winslow Capital, sustainability is more than an investment strategy. It’s an overarching theme that forms the core of our mission and a roadmap to how we define success, both financially and beyond.


History of Identifying Transformational Growth

Growth equity investing entails long-horizon analysis and naturally demands that businesses operate in a sustainable manner to achieve long-term corporate success. Winslow Capital is convinced that incorporating non-financial metrics into our research process expands insights and leads to improved risk-adjusted returns and better societal outcomes. Our research confirms the efficacy of ESG factors, especially as an identifier of corporate underperformance. Integrating environmental, social and governance factors alongside differentiated fundamental analysis allows us to capture new opportunities, mitigate business risk and serve as good stewards on behalf of our clients.

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Creating Positive Changes For The Future

Guided by our values and a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Winslow Capital acts with integrity to positively impact our communities through employee engagement and giving back.

With the world changing at record pace, we believe it’s critical to evolve along with it. As part of our mission to be good corporate citizens, we’re currently expanding our CSR program to increase employee engagement in two key focus areas:

1.Economic Inclusion
2.Environmental Engagement

Instilling Shared Values

From the talent we attract to the relationships we form with clients to the investments we make together, our culture is an ecosystem of sustainable growth, built on empowering a feeling of trust and ownership for all.

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At Winslow Capital, we…

  • Believe that what we do today impacts tomorrow.
  • Champion integrity and accountability in all communications.
  • Value empathy and respect as necessary ingredients to long and trusting relationships.
  • Foster a growing environment for employees, empowering them to drive improvements that benefit our clients.

Growth style investing may fall out of favor and underperform other equity investing during given periods. Certain sectors or growth stocks may shift characteristics over a long market cycle and may not perform in line with stated benchmarks. Because its ESG criteria excludes some investments, the Strategy may not be able to take advantage of the same opportunities or market trends as strategies that do not use such criteria.