Winslow Capital

International Small Cap

Our International Small Cap Strategy uniquely leverages systematic and fundamental research:

— Systematic research efficiently narrows focus

— Fundamental research confirms future potential

— 3-stage framework: Discover, Discern, Decide


Systematic Research
4,000+ stocks, <$6 billion market cap, 22 countries

Rank each company within regional industry peer groups


Fundamental Research

Review highest ranked companies within regional industry peer groups


International Small Cap Strategy

Portfolio Construction:
Quality growth portfolio
70-90 stocks diversified by region and sector

Why Invest in International Small Cap Companies?

Asset Class Offers Absolute Return and Diversification Opportunities

Cross Border Correlations

Source: FactSet as of 12/31/2017

Media Analyst Coverage

Source: FactSet as of 12/31/2017

All investments carry risk, including the possible loss of principal and there is no assurance that an investment will provide positive performance over any period of time. Equity investments are subject to market risk or the risk that stocks will decline in response to such factors as adverse company news or industry developments or a general economic decline. There are specific risks associated with international investing, which include but are not limited to foreign company risk, adverse political risk, market risk, currency risk and correlation risk. In addition, investing in securities of developing countries involves greater risk than, or in addition to, investing in developed foreign countries. There are specific risks associated with small company investments including higher volatility than large cap companies and limited resources. Growth style investing may fall out of favor and underperform other equity investments during given periods. Certain sectors or growth stocks may shift characteristics over a long market cycle and may not perform in line with stated benchmarks. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.