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As a client-centered Firm, we are accountable to our clients first and foremost. The decisions we make regarding the management of our current strategies and any potential new strategies are rooted in the perspective of what is best for our clients.  

We empower the researcher working closest to the source of fundamental information — the one with genuine insight — to make important investment decisions.

U.S. Large Cap Growth

The hallmark of our Firm’s investment approach is our adherence to a disciplined process in all market conditions. Our U.S. Large Cap Growth Investment Team has maintained the same philosophy and portfolio construction process for the past 19+ years. Over this time, our process has been tested in virtually every market environment.

Our approach is balanced, in that we strive for consistent outperformance within the context of careful attention to risk management. Portfolios are constructed from the bottom-up based on proprietary fundamental research done by our Sector Portfolio Managers/Analysts, each of whom have extensive analytical experience and sector specialization. By conducting their own research, our investment professionals stay close to the many sources of information that are used in their decision-making process.


Ten-member Investment Team with an average of 24 years industry experience

Rigorous Research + Disciplined Process = Client Success


  • Specialists in managing growth equities; all large cap growth accounts managed essentially identically
  • Repeatable process successfully tested during periods of volatility
  • Members of the Firm have an equity interest


  • Ten-member Large Cap Growth Investment Team
  • Seasoned professionals with an average of 24 years industry experience
  • Sector PM/Analysts conduct proprietary research
  • Purposeful portfolio construction is supported by a rigorous Sell discipline

(as of 6/30/18)

  • Same philosophy and process for 19+ years1
  • Outperformed Russell 1000® Growth Index in over 70% of rolling 3-year periods since April 1, 19991
  • Outperformed Russell 1000® Growth Index in 95% of rolling 10-year periods since April 1, 19991
  • Information Ratio in the top decile in eVestment U.S. Large Cap Growth Equity universe since April 1, 19991

1Justin Kelly joined the Firm as PM 4/1/99, the team has used the same investment process since that time.