Winslow Capital


As a client-centered Firm, we are accountable to our clients first and foremost. The decisions we make regarding the management of our current strategies and any potential new strategies are rooted in the perspective of what is best for our clients.  

We empower the researcher working closest to the source of fundamental information — the one with genuine insight — to make important investment decisions.

Our Approach

Mid- to late-stage venture capital has evolved with many disrupting companies remaining private longer. Compelling returns are increasingly captured by private investors. Winslow Capital’s reputation, deep research acumen and capital markets expertise have served investors well as we focus upon industry disruptors not yet available in the public markets.


Years Average in the Industry

Wide Aperture for Growth Investing

Differentiated Research

  • Deal access is determined by strong relationships
  • No Preferred Habitat, Assess financial model and valuation
  • Challenge Management’s Assumptions
  • Due diligence on transaction terms

Winslow Perspective

  • Industry Dynamics Analysis
  • ESG & Controversy Input
  • Artful Valuation

Experienced Team

  • 11-member Team
  • 25 Years Average Industry Experience
  • 10 Years Average Tenure at Winslow